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Free young lollita toplist


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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 23The next day, after breakfast, I didn't have any classes, so I went up to my
room to do some homework. It was a warm day, and I was wearing some shorts,
no shirt. Sunil had classes that day, and wouldn't be back until dinner.
Larry knocked on my door and I let him in. He was still kinda sheepish
about messing around but he was always horny. I had to admit that his
behavior changed completely, and he turned out to be a very quiet kid. He
closed the door to my room and started playing with my tits. He loved
sucking my nipples, and I had to confess, I loved having him play with them.
It made me feel sexy when a guy sucked my tits. His package showed
through his tight jeans, and I massaged it as he made love pre teen lolitas pics to my breasts.
As he sucked them, his hand found its way up the leg of my shorts and he was
squeezing my hard dripping cock. I let him slide my shorts down and he
crouched between my legs and started sucking my cock. He slid his finger up
my ass as he sucked me, and then added a second finger.I had him stand up and I undid his jeans and pulled them down with is
boxers. His cock was hard and wet, and I sucked his cock while I ran my
fingers along his hairy ass. When I found his hole, I started fingering him
as I sucked him. We got on the bed, and I got on my back and pulled my legs
up on my chest. With just his precum as a lube, he slid his cock into me
and slid his cock in and out of me slowly. I started to stroke my cock and
he stopped me. He said he wanted me to fuck him when he was done. He
fucked me with long slow strokes, and we moaned together as he made love to
my ass. He kept thrusting into me, and I squeezed my ass around his cock.
He pressed his lips against mine and tongue kissed me hard as he shot his
load in my ass. He pulled out of me and sucked my cock until I was very
hard. He got on top of me and lowered himself on my small hard cock. He
pulled his legs up on me, and I thrust my cock into his ass over and over.
He played with my tits as he rode my cock. I couldn't hold it any longer,
and I shot my load inside him. He lay beside me and thanked me.He had a class and got up and dressed, then left. I was still lying in bed
naked, when Keith knocked on the door. He came in and seeing I was naked,
he took off his clothes and got in bed with me. He said he was really
horny, and I got into a 69 position with him and I started to suck his
cock. I loved deep throating him and getting my nose in his dirty blond
bush. He started sucking my cock and fingering my ass, and he stopped and
said my cock tasted like ass. He pulled his finger from my ass, and saw cum
was on it and tasted it. I told him Larry was just here. He told me he
thought Larry was hot, and said it would be hot to fuck me after Larry. He
was behind me, and had me lay on my side and lift one leg. As I did, he
worked his thick seven inch cock into my ass. I was still full of Larry's
cum, and well lubed with it. Keith played with my tits and kissed my neck
as he fucked me. Keith's free forced lolitas video
cock always sent me over the edge and I shook with
pleasure as he fucked me hard and deep. Keith was really sweaty as he
fucked me. Because he 15 old lolita galeries was behind me, Keith controlled me. I gave myself
to him as he took possession of me with each thrust. He started breathing
heavily, and I knew it wouldn't be long. A few seconds later, he shot his
load into me, mixing it with Larry's load. As he lay there, I licked his
sweaty pits, and licked his hole.I knew Keith was preteen lolitas top 100
interested in me, but I had Sunil. Sunil was not a
boyfriend, he was my nude lolitas preteen pics roommate, but he was a roommate with benefits. We
settled that a long time ago. I was having feelings for Keith but I tried
not to because I had been with guys who I had feeling for, and usually they
were just using me for sex. I asked Keith if he would like me to fix him up
with Larry, but he said he was more attracted to me. I tried to dissuade
him from me. I told him I was a cock and cum slut. That I had been with
many guys, and I liked being with free forced lolitas video many guys. I said he would have to share
me with basically anyone who wanted my ass. He smiled at me and said he
knew I liked being with other guys, and he liked being with other guys too,
but he had feelings for me and wanted to be with me. This sent my head
spinning. I never had a guy who really wanted to be with me for me; who
accepted me as I was. I didn't know what to do with that. Sunil and I had
an understanding. He was too possessive for me to have a relationship with,
and although we were close, I suspected he was playing around with people
besides our little group.My suspicions were confirmed later that week. He didn't come back to our
room one night. He showed up the next morning. I asked where he was, and
he said he was up studying with a friend, and fell asleep there. I went to
class and when I came back, I found Sunil in our bed with a chubby black guy
I hadn't seen before. I had no right to be too upset because we were
roommates and lovers, not married, but I was hurt. I went over to Keith's
and sat with him and cried. Keith held me and kissed me. Later I went
back to my room, and Sunil acted like nothing was wrong. He said we had an
open situation. I said I know. I guess it just made me feel that I wasn't
satisfying him, and I felt rejected.We slept on our own sides of the bed, and the next day we moved our beds
apart. We were still friends, but we stopped sleeping together. I just
felt so rejected. Sunil felt bad, but he knew it was coming. I was too
promiscuous, and he was too possessive. We remained friends, but a few
days later, I moved into Keith's room. With Keith, I found acceptance and
love. He was different from Sunil. He didn't mind if I had sex with other
guys, and he wanted to be free to have sex with other guys. He just wanted
us to be together at the end of the day, and to love each other. We decided
only we would make love in our bed, unless we both agreed to invite someone
to mexican teen lolita porn
join us.He helped me bring my things over to his room. We moved the beds together,
and got undressed. It was a bit awkward. We had made love many times
before. I had taken his virginity. But it felt like it was our wedding
night. Who would make the first move? We started kissing, and he lolita naked girl pics let his
hands wander to my cock, which responded to his touch. I shifted around
and lay with my head facing his hairy blond crotch. I breathed in his musky
scent and swirled my tongue around his growing cock. I took him in my mouth
and moved up and down his shaft, sucking him down to his bush. I hadn't had
sex in several days and deeply desired Keith's thick cock. As I sucked him,
I fingered his ass, and pulled on his balls. . Keith buried his face in my
crotch and started sucking my cock. He had become a very good cock
sucker. I surrendered myself to him as he tenderly made love to me. He
got behind me and licked and fingered my hole. He had me get on my back and
he lifted my legs on his shoulders as he slid his thick cock into my waiting
hole. I closed my eyes as his cock moved over my prostate. He sucked and
bit my nipples as he fucked me. I trembled as his cock took possession of
me. He reached down and stroked my cock as he fucked me faster and harder.
I shot my load on my chest, and he shot his load deep within me. We
collapsed on each other and enjoyed the feeling of being together. We
showered together and fell asleep intertwined with each other.
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